The following service announcement has been provided from our telephone banking vendor:

Update – Intermittent Service Interruption

The Treasury Department has released a second round of stimulus payments yesterday Tuesday December 29, 2020. Due to the extraordinary number of stimulus check (ACH) deposit inquiries, your users may experience intermittent service interruptions or longer than normal response times using telephone banking.  Depending on your security configurations, your users may even be blocked from accessing their account information online due to not logging in for an extended period of time. These users can be managed by logging into OSCAR (OnLine Service Center and Reports) and unblocking them.

Similar to the intermittent service interruption experienced in April 2020, this issue will subside as the activity declines to normal levels. Unlike the April 2020 stimulus payment release, consumers did not receive any official notification of who and when payments would be received; therefore causing much of the unanticipated volume. 

It should be noted this issue DOES NOT cause an interruption to online banking services. Feel free to use online banking or call your local branch for any inquiries.

FNB personnel are continuing to monitor the telephone banking issue and are sorry for any inconvenience!